The adventures of tree is an, open world, RPG, survival, exploration/adventure game. Players take on the role of “Tree” a Formonger on a quest to put an end to the Florps evil reign. Throughout the game players will have to make decisions that will affect what ending they get when completing the game. The game is open world and there are many secrets on the island of Formagetus. Players will be rewarded for exploring and finding new places. This game also has a survival aspect and players will have to buy or find food for their character. New items, weapons, tools and upgrades will need to be found or bought by the player with in-game currency gained via quests. The places you go and quests you accept will affect what ending you get when you beat the game. If you enjoy 2d platform games, or just are up for exploring the hand drawn scenery, then this game is for you!
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